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Joan was so fun, she called me on a thursday to shoot her wedding that saturday.  It was the shortest contact to wedding day to date.  She was an absolute sweetheart, completely smitten, and just beautifully happy on her wedding day.

This wedding was elegant, the stately old stone church was just majestic with its steeples, and stained glass and ornate furnishings.  The reception was at a posh night club like setting called EDGE.  It was lovely all around.  She’s one of my favorite kinds of brides.  The emotion of the day is just all over her, she wears it as prominently as her gown.  The anticipation…

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Third time is the charm, and I think this wedding was where I started to find my voice as a photographic author of love stories.  At this point to I had taken the camera off the little green square and on to manual, so I was controlling what the camera was doing rather than letting it decide for itself.  Theres a lot of issues, but even though the images are underexposed a bit, or more than a bit, and there’s motion blur, there is still a sense of mood.  Of course the composition is important, and lovely backgrounds and pretty details make for more aesthetically appealing imagery, but there is a reason photography is called such, literally ‘light writing’, and the story of the image changes…

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Stacie and Scott were my first “real wedding”.  I say that because I didn’t know them before hand, so they had no bias towards me, and I had no friendship cards or nepotism working in my favor, simply the images from Mary Jo’s wedding on the previous page.  The rate they paid me is less than it costs for a nice matted framed print in my studio now, but to be honest, I wasn’t worth much more than that for the images.  I was so hungry for the work though I didn’t care, and I was an easy sell, I got to cash an official check, I was now paid for my wedding photography services!  I was ecstatic.  I’ve never lost even a little bit of my luster for wedding photography, I just adore the romance of it and that I am there for the first pages of a new…

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I always had myself rooted in the arts from my earliest childhood.  I loved to paint, to draw, to sculpt.  I had an affinity for photographs but never made the connection from loving photographs, to the assumption that I would adore being a photographer.  While studying interdisciplinary arts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania I met one of my very favorite friends Mary Jo.  At the time both of us had our young hearts immensely invested in two soldiers that were mobilized at Fort Dix and set to deploy to Iraq and we ended up being travel buddies on the 6 hour trek each week to see them before they left.  Though I had bought my first camera to photograph the body paintings I was doing, I knew as soon as I bought it that the romance of weddings would be something I would love to envelope into my artistry.  I…

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I have at heart always been a hopeless romantic, and while I have suffered my heartbreaks like any other, and learned that to love is to leave yourself vulnerable, for me those moments of absolute elation, where there is nothing else in existence except the one captivating you, and you are positively drunk off each other’s presence and proximity; has absolutely been worth whatever cost it came at for me.

I think all artists are a little tortured, our tormented, self inflicted, emotional wars raging within us are far too complex for mere words and so, the artistic representation that transcends reaches through our artwork and grips the soul of the viewer, screaming at them so violently that they can not help but be moved by it.  I have always embraced sorrow and heartache, both my own, and in empathy of others suffering the same despondency.  I appreciate the melancholy…

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The Heirloom Wedding

The Heirloom Wedding and All Things with Love

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So I recently was asked to write an article on finding your voice as an artist, for the ‘Unknown Photographer’.
You can check it out here: http://www.unknownphotographer.net/index.php/photographers/boudoir/jessica-lark/your-voice-yourself


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