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First shot from the new studio, the lovely wife of a friend of mine I havent seen since highschool! He treated her to a session as a christmas present, and they were very gracious about the construction zone my studio is at the moment, still with a lack of props and equipment I managed to get a few nice shots, and I am stoked to have the studio finished more than ever. Christmas was lovely, but a fiasco, and I promise to post more soon, attentions have been focused on event photos, pricing lists, and the studio has most of my energy {and my husband’s!} so I have not been blogging or posting many new photos. Things are hopping though and I am excited for the coming year! She’s lovely isnt she!


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Ok so photographers argue about cameras like men do about penises… It’s not the tool it’s how you use it, it’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean. Well it takes a long time to get to london in a row boat there slick I am absolutely convinced that my d40 was flawed out the door, being my first dslr I didnt know, but this weekend I bought a brand new one {which I promptly returned on monday} and the difference in the photo quality was astounding, this was by far the best end results from a wedding, every photo was stellar, which is why I promptly returned it monday and decided to invest further with the new D5 Mark II at a wonderful $3600 with all the trimmings. I cant wait. I also sent in my first D40 {again} and am going to be irritating until they replace it. {my real friends are laughing because they know how obnoxious I can be when I want my way and feel justified in asking for it}
With one camera preordered, the other in the shop, it is slightly easier to find patience with my slowly developing studio. I know it’s worth the wait, or at least am fairly sure I’ll feel that way when I see the end result, but I am so anxious!
The drywall is done and painted, electric is in, my new window is bigger and better and secured to the wall, lighting is in, and I just finished laying the tile. {bet you didnt know I was so handy } We just have to grout and the studio portion is complete! The office is also framed and drywalled, last coat of spackle is on, my album display shelves are nearly done, it looks so good! I have teamed up with Jorgensen Albums to kick my wedding photography up several knotches to the higher budgeted brides, my website has undergone lyposuction and cosmetic surgery to make it more appealing and easier for both me to maintain and my clients to navigate. I’m taking on an assistant photographer who is a great friend and immensely talented. I have completely restructured my price list, packages, and product lines, and have an awesome new tech guy. My husband has just been rocking out in the studio for me and I adore him for it… things are incredibly busy but also good, I am completely reinventing my presence as a professional studio and against my first instincts am closing down for at least another 2-3 weeks, no photoshoots, no consults, no products. I want to focus on the studio, get my business plan and financial structure in order and open in full swing so I can give the attention and dedication my clients deserve. I sincerely apologize to those that wanted to do holiday portraits, but perhaps a session in January is the perfect way to begin the new year.
So here is a pretty photo from this weekend’s wedding, I really liked this one, and I’ll end up posting a few more I’m sure. Please be patient, I am not ignoring anyone, I justam really busy and insanely multitasking at the moment in my business and then magnifying it with home and family in the holiday season. I love you all and appreciate all the words of support and encouragement.

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