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Bridal Boudoir

Everyone says there is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day and I agree… as someone that photographs a LOT of weddings I can agree. Well of course, who doesnt look stunning after carefully designed hairstyle, curled, and sprayed, combed to perfection, accented with the eye catching sparkle of a tiara, chandelier earrings, or an elegant necklace, and the delicate draping of a sheer veil, flawless make-up, stunning shoes, all accenting an incredible gown, who wouldnt look gorgeous? I dont think that’s it though, the most flattering thing anyone can wear, is love. Girls spend so much time primping and polishing to look attractive and alluring for a new love interest, for special dates and occasions, and in a way they are practices and dress rehearsals for this one day, this one person she chooses to share and spend her life with, and all the details and little personalizations that make each wedding unique, but the common thread that interlaces them all is love, and the anticipation of sharing that love for the rest of their lives…. I love being a part of that.
There is another side of that. There is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day, and the same love that intensifies that beauty, also intensifies the sex appeal when that bride wants to convey not only her love, but her desire, wanting to be not only affectionate but alluring, erotic, and incredibly sexy for her lover. Rachelle was a recent bride of mine, who wanted to create a little black book for her soon to be hubby, something to intrigue him right before walking down the aisle. Her sexuality is subtle and elegant, and there is a quiet solace to her seduction that i find incredibly intoxicating, and this is a new favorite image of mine.


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