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Today I am 28, I was born in a blizzard, married in a blizzard, last year got snowed in with all my dearest friends in the blizzards, and it has snowed every year on birthday even if only a few flurries.  In 28 years, I married the love of my life, have two of the cutest, funniest, most beautiful children who are healthy and happy and wonderful {not that I’m at all biased}  We bought our forever home, close to family, in the right school district, and both the hubby and I have fantastic careers that we are passionate about and enjoy doing.  I have made some excellent friends, have fantastic clients, and amazing mentors that have helped push the studio to unimaginable successes this year.  I own not only my own home, but my own studio, and have an incredible assistant that keeps everything running smoothly and is one of my best friends.  All my very oldest and dearest friends got engaged or married this year, and my very favoritest girlfriend and sister in law gave me a beautiful little nephew that I adore.  My birthday very often gets roped in with Christmas, which is ok because it is my favorite holiday, and I am so lucky that counting my blessings would be like trying to count each of the many christmas lights I am going to make Michael hang later tonight…

All that being said, there isnt much on my wish list for my birthday/christmas this year, so instead of getting gifts I’d like to give some.  So if you go to http://www.facebook.com/JessicaLarkPhotography, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the statuses and see what we are giving away, everything from prints, portrait sessions, and studio time, to portfolio reviews, studio consultations, and free admission into one of our seminars.  I want to give you what you want, so feel free to make a suggestion, it’s hard coming up with 28 ideas off the top of my head today.

My thanks to you and the parts you play in my life that make it so wonderful ❤



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