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I am a photographer. I am not yet half the person I know myself to be capable of being. I am feminist and ferocious, I am an artist, and love being so because it allows me to create, and creation is the opposite of War. My greatest creations are my children, I believe that War is only the embodiment of frustration between two who would rather oppose than compromise. I think that empathy, compassion and forgiveness are the greatest gifts we have to share with each other. I am very strong in my beliefs and am unshaken in my sentiments of certain subjects but always try to hear and understand other sides. I think that in general our society is incredibly blessed for our freedoms and rights and that we have lost our sense of fight, we have progressed much and are now comfortable to simply complain but not take action. I believe that every single person in this world, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, or gender deserves the same freedoms, rights, and the chance for their voice to be heard, and their story to be told. I think that we can not begin to comprehend the suffering and tragedies that affect other parts of the world, but if we genuinely opened our eyes and hearts it would enable us to see our own blessings and not be so detrimental to our own happiness. I hope to one day change the world.

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