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I have been in my studio for the better part of 8 months, the first 2 were spend with repairs and renovations.  For those who don’t know, my studio was actually my first home I bought, on my daughter’s first birthday, when we moved we rented it out, and when I walked in, even in it’s depressed state I felt a warm sense of homecoming to be back to it.  The renters abandoned the property, leaving nearly everything in it, including the food.  There were broken windows, holes in the wall, the floors had to be replaced, every room repainted, and I was extremely blessed to have such good friends like Martha, Rachelle, Adam, Nicholas, Chandra, and Jordan come by and lend a hand in the transformation.  Michael was amazingly dedicated, as he always has been throughout this journey; working long days and then coming and working in the studio till sometimes 1-2 am.  Where would I be without him?

When we had looked at the house to make a home the staircase was the original allure, I loved the rustic warm color of the wood.  It amazes me how long I was in there shooting and never considered how the color and geometrical angles along with the natural patterns of the wood would create amazing imagery; now I cant seem to get enough of it.  The contrast of feminine curves against the angular lines of the banisters are very alluring for me.

There is a metaphoric intricacy to my fondness for the staircase as well.  For me I have found in the last few years that failure is an illusion, a temporary circumstance at best.  Most of my greatest achievements have been built on the ruins of my past perceived failures, and really they were simply the steps it took to reach the final goal…  Life for me is very much an intricate staircase, and I feel as though at this point I have reached not the summit, but the landing at least, a turning point towards the next destination…

That’s me waxing poetic momentarily, really it’s just a beautiful girl with incredible curves draped over a 100 year old staircase…


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Put a beautiful woman between to gorgeous men, and you have the epitomy of the sexy editorial image… dig it:

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no lengthy blog today, not that I have nothing to say just that words are an ill defence against emotions, who ever talked down a soul’s intensity?

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